Tasnef is a consulting firm

that specializes in the preparation of administrative, financial, economic and technical information assessments. By supervising the application and implementation of resulting recommendations we confirm our willingness to get the job done to the highest degree of proficiency taking full advantage of all the resources available to our company.

Our Team

Our team of professional consultants includes an elite group of individuals with specializations in a variety of fields and extensive experience in the consulting business.


Tasnef has built up an information database gathered through experience in the field and from collecting data, information and statistics from official and unofficial sources. This information gives our team an in depth understanding and the capacity to carry out its assignments to the fullest. Tasnef works continuously to update this information base.


The methodologies used by Tasnef in consulting services are based on solid foundations and consistent with the requirements of local standards and international best practice.

Business Consulting Services

● Feasibility Studies.

● Business Valuations.

● Project Evaluations.

Financial Consulting and Management Services

● Classification Studies.

● Solutions Development.

● Financial Restructuring.

● Engineering Consulting.

● Internal Audit.

● Project Services.

● Strategic Planning.

● Reporting Services.

● ISO Classification.

● Human Resources.

Education Consulting Services

● School Assessments and Evaluations.

● School Policy Reviews.

● Seminars and Workshops.

● Teacher and Staff Training.

● Academic Program Support.

● Research Studies.

Our valued Customers

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